Getting to Know Europe

Old Town School of Folk Music is the recipient of a two-year grant from the European Union, one of the largest grants received in its history. “Getting to Know Europe” (GTKE) is a program funded by the European Union as part of its Partnership Instrument, one of the funding instruments that enables the EU to take part in shaping global change and promote its core values. GTKE promotes greater knowledge and understanding, within local and regional communities in the United States, of the European Union, its international role, its policies, its culture, and the value and the significance of the EU-U.S. transatlantic partnership.

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Getting To Know Europe is proud to present these artists at Square Roots 2018:

Ginkoa - Friday, 8:15pm, South Stage

Nicolle Rochelle comes from New York, Antoine Chatenet lives in Paris…From Pop Music, to the Swing of old New York with a mix of Electro French touch beats.

Gato Preto - Saturday, 2:30pm, South Stage

African music paradise reflecting their roots in the polyrhythm of Bass from Ghana, the Portuguese slang of Gatas Mozambique and live, with the incredible Djembe of Moussa Diallo from Senegal.

Alma Afrobeat Ensemble - Saturday, 3:45pm, South Stage

Alma Afrobeat Ensemble is a 9 piece high-energy musical collective from Barcelona that plays a style of West African dance music called Afrobeat.
Workshop: Alma Afrobeat Ensemble Saturday, 5:30p, East Lobby

The Tossers - Sunday, 6pm, North Stage

Formed in 1993 on the south side of Chicago, the six-piece Celtic punk band has been proudly spreading their Irish gospel across the globe, with no plans of slowing down.

George Tantchev - Sunday, 2:45pm, South Stage

George Tantchev and friends perform new arrangement of a traditional Hungarian Gypsy Song, featuring solo xylophone.

Soukous All Stars - Sunday, 4pm, South Stage

The Soukous All Stars perform an electrifying and syncopated blend of Congolese rumba and intricate African rhythms.
Workshop: Soukous All Stars Dance workshop Sunday, 5:30p, SZOLD